at Common Ground Farm

Excerpts from actual Farm Journal entries

Late spring: Still no rain. Leslie spent the morning on the phone ordering irrigation supplies. Amy watered all day long: peas, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, kale, beets and lettuce. Picked up 25 broiler chicks from the Friendly Farm. Planted 2 beds of lettuce in Garden H- about 500 plants! Watered the zucchini in Garden H to try to get it to perk up and replanted the ones that looked dead. Got a load of horse manure/shavings from Emily, picked up buckwheat from the farm store.

Mid summer: Cool and overcast today. Market basket pick-up day. Jessica helped make bouquets and Taj came in the afternoon to help with the rest of harvesting --zucchini, and basil. Picked our first peppers today and pickling cucumbers! The corn is starting to tassel. Leslie took the memberís shares into State College and Amy and Taj did the pick-up on the farm.

Fall: In the morning, Amy and Bonnie harvested beans, summer squash, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes. In the afternoon, three volunteers came out to the farm and we finished harvesting tomatoes. Got lots done in Garden H this afternoon; weeded the onions, pulled out the three beds of old bean plants, watered the scallions, onions, spinach and beets that were just planted and trimmed the tops of the leeks, too.

Winter: No new lambs today but one of the ewes looks like she should be due any day now. Gathered up the bunches of dry beans from the barn and brought them to the house to start shelling. Mulched the onions in Garden H because they arenít mature enough to harvest and store. The carrots and spinach under the row covers are still growing well.