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Our farm is certified organic by Stellar Certification. We have been growing organic food for the community since 1986. We work hard to build healthy soil, which is the foundation of organic pest control. An approved soil-building plan produces healthy plants that are naturally resistant to pests, therefore limiting the need for pesticides. We use non-toxic methods, such as mechanical weeding, mulching, cover crops and compost, crop rotation to discourage insects, disease resistant varieties, pruning, and managing habitat for beneficial insects and natural predators.


Certified Organic Farms have had no synthetic chemicals applied for at least 3 years, and are inspected annually by a third-party certification organization. Farmers must keep detailed records of all of their practices. Certified Organic Farmers may not use synthetic fertilizers or genetically modified seed. They may use biological pest controls but only when necessary and in conjunction with the other management methods.

Here, sheep Certified Organic Livestock and Dairy producers raise their animals on 100% certified organic feed and pasture, in humane conditions, without synthetic growth hormones or antibiotics.